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Personalized Excellence

"Alice is the ultimate cross between a fine home connoisseur and a high-level negotiator."   Her refined taste, strategies, and effectiveness are phenomenal.  A pleasure to work with."

Off market buyer ~ Atherton

"I met Alice about 5 years ago at an open house in Atherton.  She made a great first impression and our relationship built from that point onwards.  About 1 year later Alice represented us on our first purchase in the same town.  She was/is responsive, energetic, and yet very comforting to be around.  During bidding there were more than a few times I called Alice at 2 or 3 am, and she would answer!  And while Alice is always there when it matters, she is also someone who respects other people's privacy.   Even after 5 and three-quarter years and one deal, I don't think Alice has ever asked what I do.  Of course, at this point, I personally consider Alice a friend and I expect we will do more deals together going forward."

J Chang​

In short: Alice is the best there is. She works magic with real estate -- both sales and rents. Do not pass up an opportunity to work with her, you will regret it. 



Longer: I have known Alice for 9 years now. She has always been extremely helpful and kind. She is a pleasure to work with, and I strongly, highly recommend her. 


I used to think real estate was difficult, pain-staking, complex, and obscure. But with Alice, it is a great experience -- she very quickly zeroes in on what you want, she has a wealth of knowledge of the Bay Area, and keeps tabs on lots of houses. She will very quickly find precisely what you need, even if you have trouble expressing it. 


As you view places, she will help you figure out all the tricky details -- she will figure out and describe any hidden issues, and any underrated values. She has a great eye, and you _always_ want to listen to her. She will also help you compare and contrast offers, and simplify impossible decisions. After viewings, always ask for her opinion -- you will learn a lot about real estate, about properties, about people, and about processes. She is a Master. 


Then, she will proceed to _get you_ what you want. Alice is a strong willed, skilled, strategic, and very successful negotiator. She can turn around deals that seemed completely impossible, and even re-negotiate terms much in your favor. Once, she managed to improve prices by 30%, and got rid of problematic contract terms!! It was just magical. 


In any adventure, victory depends upon the people that you chose. You won't succeed on real estate if you don't have Alice with you. She is the strongest ally you could find. 


This recommendation goes further: I am happy to respond to questions, should you have them.

Juan Benet ~ Protocol Labs, Founder

"I have known Alice for over a decade. I know her to be honest, trustworthy, and of good moral character. In both my personal and professional contacts with Alice, I have seen her passion for excellence and commitment to her work. I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for Alice. Alice has advised me on several business ventures and I have found her information to be accurate and current. 

As you know, or what you will learn, is that Alice has a keen sense of reading and judging people. Alice has a lifetime of experience dealing with people, including the difficult and dishonest. I have known Alice to use her skills in this area to protect her colleagues and clients from venturing into dangerous business and professional situations. In a lifetime of dealing with people as well, I have never found another person with Alice’s unique set of skills and, more importantly, her style when dealing with people. She truly is a one of a kind professional. Her skills, knowledge, and commitment exceed all expectations.

It's a privilege to work with Alice."

Brian Slominski ~ POST Master Instructor

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice, help and amazing service. Alice, you have been a wonderful and important part of my future and providing me with the right tools and services to get me to my financial goals for my family. 

Thank you for the energy you put into making my personal goals happen. 


Really beyond words! 

Mark S

"Alice's skills exceeded my expectation. A master at negotiations. 

You'll want her on your side."

J Gale

"It was a pleasure working with a professional. Alice knows her stuff. She responded quickly and took the time to answer all our questions. We felt confident throughout the whole process. We would use her again, and definitely, recommend her to anyone that is in need of representation."

R J Lee ~ Researcher

"Alice, thank you! We're so very happy we met you. You make things happen! 

I really didn't think I could ever get what I wanted. But you have done the impossible, and made my dreams a reality. 

I will start thinking bigger now that I know you're on my team! Mike is smiling all the time now. 

We are telling all our friend not to give up, and call you. 

We're so happy!!!!!"

The Martins

I can't say enough... her timing and advice was amazing. Alice patiently listened to me and my husband about selling our house. We couldn't agree on anything as we were going through a divorce. She talked to us together, and individually to understand what we both wanted and needed. When we finally came to an understanding (with her help) Alice represented us both when we place our house on the market. She is very fair and very understanding to the needs we were expressing to her. I feel safe now, and my husband feels that we've dealt with a major issue with a satisfactory agreement. Alice thank you!

Dee Bell ~  Seller / Buyer

We had talked about selling our house for 2 years.  We had interviewed 6 different agents, all of them seemed very competent and responsible.  But we just didn't feel a connection until we interviewed Alice.  She never tried to list our house.  She came over and had a wealth of information for us and spent time answering our questions.  Buy the end, my husband and I looked at each other and knew we found the answers we were in need of to make our decision.  We asked Alice if she would list our house.  


We are so lucky to have had her as our agent.  She was looking out for us every step of the way.  

Wayne & Barbara Mitchell

I knew Alice had helped a lot of start-ups.  Everyone I talked to would rave about her.  Wow! I still have no idea how she knew what I was looking for.  She found the perfect place and negotiated a great deal.  She's my go-to resource for anything real estate.   I highly recommend her! 

Thanks, Alice

Richard  W.

Working with Alice was wonderful! She helped us find the perfect house. Alice's understanding of our needs was comprehensive and she went out of her way to help us. In addition to coaching us along the way and finding a number of candidate houses, when we finally picked a house she stuck with us to make sure everything was in proper order and we weren't getting taken in.  She knew all the things to check! We've been living in our lovely home for a year and are very happy.

D.  Windham 

More testimonials available upon request

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